those ranging from retail and investors in seed capital, to logistics, production and rental.

of experience and sustained growth over time, each one of our companies has become a leader in their respective markets.

Currently our companies employ more than 300 people directly, and more than 500 collaborators in different areas, this point being one of the most important when planning and making strategies for the future, since we know that our greatest capital is our people.

Our companies have international certifications that guarantee and provide confidence to both our suppliers and customers.

We are present in Chile, Perú, Argentina, Colombia, Panamá, México and Miami.

We serve a wide range of clients, with the purpose of achieving a very useful business network for potential partners, partners and clients.

CompaniesThe companies that make up our holding are


Strategic communication agency founded in 2001, focused on providing an efficient and effective advisory service for its clients, which allows them to build ties with their main audiences, to generate or strengthen their positioning, and to increase their visibility into building a solid image.


A pioneer company in our country dedicated to functional sports training, which implements a sports system and format that makes SpeedWorks a benchmark at the South American level, in terms of sports, nutrition and functional training.


The largest audiovisual rental company in South America, with offices throughout Chile and abroad (Perú, Colombia, Panamá and Miami). With cutting edge technology for the application of multimedia in first-level events.


The best alternative in the market when it comes to having to implement adjustable structures for a variety of needs, with the commitment to provide a service that makes a strong difference in the sector. We undertake private events, fairs and festivals. All of these are part of Marfil structure’s proposal.


Leading company in the production of events related to Marketing and Human Resources, specialized in launches, seminars and a range of own events applicable to the most varied needs of our clients.


Tent rental service with personalized designs according to the needs and space of the clients. For weddings, events, long-term rentals, we adapt to the space that the client needs and has available.

Want to capitalize on your idea? We are open to promoting new businesses, ideas, and projects! Just come to us and tell us more about your project. We will evaluate and analyze in which stage it is to show you how strong we can be together.


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